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  1. Ep 13: Digital Assets to Scale

    Magnus Almqvist is a technology, compliance, and market surveillance expert, and the head of exchange development for Exberry, a software development platform designed to help its customers create sophisticated new trading platforms fast, and with the ability to easily scale after launch. In this episode, Almqvist discusses what makes Exberry unique, ...


  2. EP 12: IOU on a Blockchain

    Philippe Bekhazi, the founder and CEO of the XBTO Group, has a long history of creating technological tools for trading, devising portfolio and risk management solutions for clients trading equities, FX, rates, and credit instruments. In 2009 he created Derivee Capital, a fintech incubator that sponsored the XBTO Group. Bekhazi ...


  3. EP 11: Halving a Good Time

    Michael Sonnenshein, the managing director at Grayscale Investments, is passionate about bringing digital asset investing to his clients. In this episode of the CMW Podcast, Sonnenshein discusses institutional digital asset investing, the upcoming "Halvening" of bitcoin, and more. ...


  4. EP 10: Blowing off Steem

    In their last recorded in-studio episode before JLN's staff switched to work-from-home mode, Matt and Thom sat down to discuss how the epidemic is affecting the crypto markets, India's lift on cryptocurrency trading, the Steemit/TRON controversy, and more. Topics 00:42 - Coronavirus causes the stock market to crash; bitcoin's price plummets03:40 ...


  5. EP 9: Privacy Coins vs. Private Money (featuring Meltem Demirors, chief strategy officer at CoinShares)

    Meltem Demirors, chief strategy officer at CoinShares, is passionate about cryptocurrency, financial technology, and civil rights - and she wants to share her knowledge as well as her enthusiasm with the world. In 2019, she testified before the House Financial Services Committee for a hearing on Facebook's proposed digital currency ...