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A podcasts based on old commentaries John Lothian wrote before 2003.
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  1. This Is John Lothian: Making the Trade



  2. This is John Lothian: March 20 Hits and Takes

    The number of cases of coronavirus doubled in the US. in two day. And worldwide cases doubled in the last twelve days, from 100,000 to 200,000. In the US, they are spiking and in New York City alone there are now 4000 cases. The number of unemployment claims ...


  3. EP 2: A Fictional Account of the Results of Supporting Open Outcry

    This is the story of open outcry trading, electronic trading and an imaginary secret organization I created to tell the story of both. This was the first time I used SPET, or the Society for the Promotion of Electronic Trading, to tell a story. ...


  4. EP 1: Lunch with the New CME Chairman Terrence Duffy

    Before the CME went public in 2002, there was a change in leadership at the top. Terry Duffy ran for the job of chairman of the board against the incumbent, Scott Gordon. I was a fan of Gordon’s and then CME  CEO Jim McNulty. McNulty was one of the reasons I ...